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What we do...

Our Mission:

We are investment professionals committed to challenging the conventional investment philosophy that focuses only on accumulating assets. Our primary goal is to help our clients recover misdirected assets and reallocate those assets in a plan that will guarantee growth and increase after tax income.

We find that in many cases a properly chosen fixed index annuity, properly matched to the specific needs of the client, can maximize income while substantially reducing the risk of financial disaster resulting from exposure to market risk.

We have also developed a strategy designed to provide a tax-free income in retirement. We call this our Zero Tax Roadmap – a plan using specialized tools and customized investment vehicles with the goal of paying Zero Tax in Retirement.

In all cases we aim to maximize our client’s advantages under the current tax code.


Why Choose Us?

We have well over 100 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. We also have decades of experience teaching financial service professionals how to be successful in our industry. The primary lesson we teach our agents is always put the client first. All success in our business comes from that prime directive.

We remain independent so we can work with hundreds of the top rated financial institutions in the country to best serve the needs of our clients.



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